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Have You Been Charged with Impaired Driving in Brampton?

Contact a DUI lawyer as soon as possible. There are time limits on different approaches we can take for defending these charges, so delaying the decision to hire a lawyer could have consequences.

Our experienced criminal lawyers in Brampton can help you with Impaired driving charges and help you walk a free man. We are a premier criminal law firm based in Brampton which has years of experience in defending clients against DUI charges. 


The grounds to arrest on either;253(1)(a) or (b), requires that the officer have reasonable and probable grounds that:


1. the offender was in care and control of a motor vehicle while his ability to operate the motor vehicle was impaired (s.253(1)(a),




2. the offender was in care and control of a motor vehicle while his blood alcohol concentration was over 0.80


Signs of intoxication do provide some reasonable grounds to suspect impairment, but given that impairment does not imply a BAC over 80 and the strength of odour tells the observer nothing of the concentration in the body, a screening device will provide further information.


Hundal law firm also provides consultation for other criminal matters such as Drugs and Trafficking charges in Brampton.


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