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Circumstances under which the police can enter and search your house

search warrant

Can the police enter and search your house?

We all have a general expectation of privacy from the government and it's agents, being the police. In

regards to this, we have a particularly high expectation of privacy in relation to our home and, as such, a right on whom to allow into it. With this in mind, the police can of course enter and search your home if you give them your permission to do so. You can also refuse them entry if they do not have a warrant. However, if you do allow the police in to your house and to search around, it could result in unforeseen criminal charges being laid against you or another person living there. Accordingly, it is always prudent to consult one of the best criminal lawyers in Brampton and, get legal advice on how to handle the situation. As a defence law firm, we have extensive experience on how to handle these scenarios. The other way that the police can enter your home without a warrant is in certain situations deemed as an emergency, such as if they are in pursuit of a person believed to have committed a crime, or is about to commit a crime.

Entry with a warrant

Another way that the police can enter and search your home is if they obtain a warrant from a judge. If the police knock on your door and show you a warrant to enter and search your home, then they have the right to come inside, regardless if you refuse them entry. However, during the course of their search, you do have the right to make phone calls and, at this point, if you have any questions or concerns, call our Brampton criminal lawyer, Bally Hundal. The police search is only authorized for a list of items listed on the warrant, but may seize some items that are in plain view or they come across in the course of the search and, you may get charged for unlawfully possessing an item. The search may be authorized for a certain period of time and, the police have to leave the house once the search is concluded. It is important to get the details of the officers involved in the search. As criminal lawyers in Brampton, we at Hundal Law Firm, take great pride in providing the appropriate legal advice to make sure the situation is handled properly. As a defence law firm, we can ascertain if the judge had a proper legal basis to issue the search warrant and, can also assist in recovering anything that was taken by the police.


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