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About a Criminal Record

What is a Criminal record?

As a result of a complaint or an investigation, a person could be charged with a crime, such as assault, theft or dui. There would then be a requirement to attend court in order to answer to the charge. The possible options would be to either fight the charges, through a trial, or to resolve the charge, by entering a guilty plea. So if the person is either found guilty, or voluntarily pleads guilty, the resulting sentence could result in a criminal record. As a Brampton criminal lawyer, we would do our best to assist you in court and avoid getting a criminal record, and offer a free initial consultation at our Brampton law office. If you had decided to handle the court process on your own and end up with a criminal record, then, as one of the best criminal lawyers in Brampton, we can certainly help in offering various solution to deal with the record.

Impact of Criminal record

There are various potential consequences resulting from a criminal record, such as employment or immigration issues. For example, when someone applies for certain types of jobs, the employer may require some sort of screening or a police clearance certificate. The criminal record will certainly have an impact on the hiring decision of the employer. Additionally, even if one wishes to volunteer with an agency, then a police clearance certificate is also required. In terms of immigration, someone in Canada who is foreign national or permanent resident, can be deported. There may also be difficulties travelling, such as crossing the border into the United States. As a Brampton criminal law firm, we can offer various solutions to attempt to deal with these issues.

Removing a Criminal record

As one of the top criminal lawyers, we pride ourselves in assisting individuals to remove a criminal record. The exact solution depends on the nature and outcome of the charges. What was commonly referred to as a pardon, is now called a record suspension. We can assist in completing and submitting a record suspension application form. Some things that would need to be included on the application would be certified copies of all court convictions, fingerprints and information on any attempts at rehabilitation. In terms of travel, we can also assist in submitting entry waivers, such as required for travel to the United States. The benefits of obtaining a record suspension are that a major hurdle will be removed, in terms of obtaining employment and free travel. Please consult our Brampton criminal lawyers for more information.


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