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Regina v. H.S. (2018)


H.S. was charged with 1 st degree murder. He was sent to be held in prison with very little chance of release. He hired Bally Hundal to look after the case and Mr. Hundal undertook a thorough examination of the case, including all forensic evidence. Subsequently, an application was prepared to have H.S. released on bail. In the course of preparing the application, all potential sureties were prepared to testify in court on behalf of H.S. As a result of the preparation and materials prepared by Bally Hundal, the release of H.S. was obtained at his bail hearing in the Superior Court of Justice.




Regina v. B.S. (2018)


B.S. was charged with sexually assaulting a passenger on an airline flight. Due to the serious nature of the charges, the Crown Attorney was not willing to withdraw the case. Accordingly, Bally Hundal set the matter down for a trial. He did many sessions of trial preparation with B.S. so that the client would be
fully prepared to testify. At trial, Mr. Hundal cross-examined both the complainant and flight attendant and was able to bring out many inconsistencies in the evidence. In his closing arguments, Mr. Hundal pointed out all the frailties in the evidence as well as the lack of credibility of the witnesses. At the end
of the trial, the judge acquitted H.S. of the charges.





Regina v. J.P. (2016)


Multiple charges of robbery, assault causing bodily harm, weapons dangerous, and assault was withdrawn after extensive discussions with the Crown

Attorney. J.P., a young offender was alleged to have robbed some kids of money and cell phone and then later to have stabbed one of them at a

confrontation. It was also alleged that J.P. was involved in a high school fight involving some of the same individuals and then also be in the possession of weapons. Bally Hundal provided the Crown with surveillance video, which illustrated that J.P. acted out in self-defense. In addition, he established a lack of credibility of the complainants and motive for them to fabricate the allegations. After presenting all this evidence, the Crown made a decision to withdraw all charges.



Regina v. A.S. (2016)


A.S. was charged with attempt break & enter. It was alleged that A.S. went to the rear of a house and was attempting to pry open the sliding doors. At this point, A.S. was confronted by the homeowner, who at the time was home and it was at this point A.S. was to have fled the property. The police were called and an individual matching the description given to the police was arrested a short time later in the same area. Bally Hundal set up meetings with both the Crown Attorney and Judge and highlighted the fact that there was weak eyewitness identification evidence. In addition, he also pointed to the fact that the police were not able to obtain any fingerprint evidence linking A.S. to the crime. After analyzing all these factors, the Crown withdrew the charges.



Regina v. S.A. (2016)


S.A. was charged with fraud. It was alleged that S.A. was involved in placing an ad online to sell a motor vehicle and that it was agreed to be purchased by the buyer. It was then alleged that the buyer wired over $25,000 directly into the bank account of S.A. It was also alleged that a fictitious name and details were used to communicate with the buyer. The buyer never received the motor vehicle and after some investigation, the police charged S.A. with fraud over $5000. Bally Hundal did extensive forensic investigation of all the financial and bank documents and presented his analysis to both the Crown and Judge during pre-trial discussions. After carefully considering all the factors in this case, the Crown eventually made a decision that all charges would be withdrawn.



Regina v. G.S.G. (2016)


G.S.G. was charged with kidnapping, forcible confinement, assault, and robbery. It was alleged that G.S.G. along with a few accomplices, had met an

individual inside a store at an outlet mall. It was claimed that as a result of a drug debt, the individual was taken to a vehicle in the parking lot and

forced inside. The individual was then threatened and beaten for a period of time in the vehicle. G.S.G. was then alleged to have driven the individual to a bank and was forced him to withdraw money and give it to G.S.G. The Crown refused to consent to the release of G.S.G. and so the family hired Bally Hundal. After extensive preparation, Mr. Hundal was able to secure the release of G.S.G. on bail and is now vigorously defending the charges.



Regina v. B.S.B. (2016)


B.S.B. was charged with assault (domestic). The spouse reported to the police that she was assaulted. As a result, B.S.B. was arrested by the police and thereafter released on an undertaking with certain conditions including not living or attending at the matrimonial home. A short time later, separation proceedings were commenced in Family Court. Bally Hundal was able to demonstrate to the Crown that the spouse had no injuries consistent with her allegations and that she was just using the criminal charges as leverage in the family law proceedings. There was nothing to corroborate her allegations. As a result, the Crown agreed to withdraw the charges.



Regina v. R.C. (2015)


R.C. was charged with sexual assault. Several females had complained to the police that an individual would approach them in a particular park, strike up a conversation and then touch them in a sexual manner. After some investigating, the police arrested R.C. and charged him. R.C. retained the services of Bally Hundal. After Mr.Hundal reviewed the case file disclosure, he began extensive pre-trial discussions with the Crown. He pointed out all the weaknesses in the case, including the fact that R.C. was arrested based on a sketch, and based upon the fact that he resided close to the park and that he belonged to a certain ethnic group that was described by the females. As a result of Mr. Hundal's efforts, the Crown withdrew all charges.





Bally Hundal, thank you for all your help. The words cannot describe the feelings of my joy and relief. Your committment, preparation,

professionalism and hard work helped in winning my case. I greatly appreciate your patience and time in promptly returning all my phone calls. I could not have expected anything better than what you did in my case.

"Words cannot express my gratitude for accommodating my inquires and questions while we were dealing with this very serious time for my son,

while he was facing criminal charges. Thank you for your patience while we tried to understand and learn how the "system" works."

"I think Mr. Hundal was absolutely great. His closing statements in my case were impressive. He is a very talented trial attorney and it was quite

apparent that he did extensive preparation. I was quite skeptical of lawyers in general, but Mr. Hundal put a human element on things and put me at ease thruought the whole criminal justice procedure. Thank you!"

- B.S.B.

- B.B.

- G.S.G.


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