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Criminal defence of charges during Covid-19 | Criminal defence in Brampton

The criminal law procedure prior to Covid-19

The process usually begins with a police investigation, that results in someone being charged with some criminal charges. Subsequent to this stage, the person that was charged would contact us at Hundal Law Firm and, we would arrange for an initial personal consultation at our office. After the consultation, if the person advises us that they want us to conduct the criminal defence of the charges, then we would meet again with the client and decide on a fee that is reasonable for them. Thereafter, we would arrange to attend on the first court. Usually, the client is not required to attend any court dates unless we advise them otherwise. Although we are based as a Brampton criminal law firm, we practice criminal law at all Ontario courts. The next step would be to obtain all the disclosure and evidence from the court. Then we would arrange and conduct meetings with the prosecutor and judge, in order to attempt to resolve the matter. If the matter cannot be resolved, then the final step would be to set a date for trial. At the trial, the client and any other witnesses would testify at court and, the judge would make a decision as to guilty or not guilty. Along this whole process, we would continually be meeting with our clients for updates and instructions as well as trial preparation. As one of the top criminal law firms in Brampton, Hundal Law Firm always aims to put forth the best criminal defence for our clients.

The criminal law procedure during Covid-19

At Hundal Law Firm, we have implemented safeguards in light of the threats posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. We recognize that in order to continue to be recognized as one of the top criminal lawyers in Brampton, that we need to adapt our procedures in order to provide the best defence under the current situation with the pandemic and to best serve our clients. Accordingly, in order to comply with the current social distancing measures, any client meeting can be conducted via video conference and, if the client wishes an in-person meeting, then it would be held in our office boardroom, where there is ample space to keep at an appropriate distance during consultations. We also only meet with clients on an appointment basis, so that there is minimal overlap in client interaction. In addition, any documentation can be exchanged via secure email. While doing this, it is the priority of Hundal Law Firm to maintain client confidentiality. Presently, under Covid-19, the courts have advised that neither people facing charges or lawyers should physically be attending court and, has been automatically adjourning dates. We are constantly monitoring these dates. We are still conducting meetings with prosecutors and judges through teleconference and all trials have been suspended. You can be rest assured that, as top criminal lawyers in Brampton, we at Hundal Law Firm will put forth our best criminal defence during these uncertain times.


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